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Vincenzo Troia


Unconventionally Casaro

Taste and magic will make your moments unforgettable: the art of dairy is the art of happiness.
Our Mozzarella Bar is just perfect for your wedding or special event. Be inspired by Apulian taste!

The show cooking experience


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Taste of the soul 😍

The unique mozzarella knots, the inimitable burrata, the delicious ricotta and the creamy stracciatella are the flavours of Apulia that I share with people both in Italy and abroad.

The Art of Milk

your guests!

Vincenzo Troia's philosophy

Master Cheesemaker for special events and luxury weddings: passion, taste, innovation are the elements that will make your moments unforgettable.

I define myself as Unconventionally because I have changed the traditional image of the cheesemaker: I have combined my technical skills with elegance, attention to detail and constant innovation.

The essence of the Unconventionally Casaro experience are quality dairy products: namely the mozzarella, and the burrata that I create just in front of you.

Our Mozzarella Bar is not an ordinary tasting event, but a real experience: you will discover the authentic taste of milk and at the same time you will discover the magic of innovative and astonishing culinary proposals.

Mozzarella knots, burrata,

mozzarella braids.

Quality and an attention to detail: the heart of the show!

The Master Cheesemaker is perfect for any occasion. Be unique at your wedding, be exclusive at your event.


Looking for an original idea to surprise your guests? Here's the best solution! Choose Unconventionally Casaro's Show Cooking and get ready for a memorable experience.


Would you love to learn how to make mozzarella? Do you want to become a fully-fledged professional cheesemaker? You are in the right place! Let's discover the art of milk together.


Unconventionally Casaro, supports companies and private individuals with tailor-made consulting services. Do you have difficulties in making mozzarella? Or would you like to begin producing your own mozzarella in your cheese factory, and you need the support of an expert? Request a consultancy, we will work together to create a programme that fits your needs.