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Have you ever heard of show cooking or live cooking for events?
That’s an innovative culinary proposal that combines taste and entertainment and will make your moments unique and memorable.

If you are looking for an original idea that will make your wedding or your event something unforgettable, you have to choose the Unconventionally Casaro show cooking!

Our Mozzarella Bar will be the special gift for your guests. 
Close your eyes and imagine the joy and surprise of your guests who are about to taste a freshly spun mozzarella at the appropriate serving temperature. Imagine them discovering the true flavour of mozzarella and also the pleasure of experimenting it in combination with other exquisite ingredients. Be prepared for this wonderful experience, by letting yourselves involved in this journey of art and flavour, with the master cheesemaker Vincenzo.

Professionalism, elegance, quality are the elements that make the Master Cheesemaker show the perfect choice for your wedding.

Thanks to our experience acquired in the luxury wedding industry, we have been collaborating for years with many exclusive locations and renowned wedding planners who collaborate with us to ensure that newlyweds can enjoy a unique experience that will become the most precious memory of their lives.

Unconventionally Casaro’s show cooking is a brilliant idea not only for weddings but also for all events that want to stand out for innovation and uniqueness. Each show is customized according to your needs with the aim of bringing that one-of-a-kind character to your event.

At the centre of every show cooking of the Cheesemaker for weddings and events there is the desire to offer guests the chance to live a different experience by tasting a product that combines simplicity and excellence: namely mozzarella.


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