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Master Cheesemaker for events and weddings


The dairy world has been part of my essence for over 18 years. I became a specialist in making pasta filata cheeses (mozzarella, burrata, scamorza, etc..). My career path brought me into a new sensorial universe that in its infinity of flavours keeps surprising me every day.

My passion for the art of milk has inspired me to share the tradition of my land, the Apulia region, with other people in both Italy and abroad, through show cooking for events and weddings, the activities of consultancy and training.

My entire career, which is a never-ending plot of passion and taste, is born in Andria, my hometown, the land known for being, rightfully, the "burrata" birthplace.

Later, I followed a training path at AgenFrom, a dairy institute located in Moretta (CN), where I qualified as dairy production technician.

This was my turning point: here I understand the essence and soul of milk. After finishing the course in Moretta, I enrolled in the International Academy of Cheese Art. Once I finished the academic course, I decided to share my knowledge with others and quickly joined the academy's teaching staff.

Creating high-quality pasta filata cheeses requires know-how, dedication, and creativity!

What I do is express this wonderful art through show cooking. I bring my Mozzarella Bar to weddings and special events both in Italy and all over the world! Together with the magic of taste, I give your guests a gastronomic experience that they will never forget.

Being devoted body and soul to the cheesemaking world for me also means conveying my know-how both to professionals and amateurs: for this reason, I have been teaching the art of dairy with several training courses since 2017.

It doesn't matter if you are a catering specialist, a food lover, a food blogger, or a food influencer, with me, you will learn all the secrets of this amazing world.

Years of experience
Over 18 years of passion, commitment, and authenticity. This is the Art of Milk; this is the Unconventionally Casaro for your events!

Furthermore, I enjoyed participating in many events and also on TV shows. For example, I participated in the reality show Vado a vivere in Montagna on LA7D.

I define myself as a tireless traveller: Vincenzo is both the one who shares the flavours of Apulia around the world and also the one who enjoys experimenting the tastes and the flavours of the places he visits. I love getting involved, I love discovering new horizons: that's why, for work too, I have travelled abroad and I have visited a lot of countries!

Cooking requires passion but, above all, courage, which is why, after a business trip in Japan, I created mozzarella sushi, i.e., nigiri with a mozzarella knot replacing traditional rice, which harmoniously combines the Apulian and Japanese traditions in a dish that always impresses and surprises guests during events and weddings. Every person I meet, every experience I make is like a spark that inspires me to create unique culinary combinations. So, what will be my next adventure? That's easy! The one we will do together.


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This is dairy art that makes noise!

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